The Hub for Excellence in the Literary Arts

Who does HELA represent?

We represent and promote the interests of writers, translators, publishers and editors operating in Malta and Gozo.  It advocates for professions in the sector, giving them a platform from which to speak with a unified voice when the situation calls for it. 

Who are the people behind HELA? 

HELA is a very diverse community of individuals and organisations that bring with them extensive experience in the literary arts. They are award-winning writers, festival organisers, leading translators, cultural policy experts, successful publishers, scholars, book designers and illustrators; a pool of operators standing shoulder to shoulder determined to capitalise fully on their synergies, their diversity and their unique skills. 

Is HELA a public entity?

No, HELA is an autonomous Foundation. It is a self-governing, non-profit making Foundation regulated by a statute. The organisation is governed by a Board of Administrators that oversees the implementation of the Hub's project. 

What makes HELA autonomous?

The Foundation and its work are led by key stakeholders in the sector.  HELA’s board is appointed by statutory mechanisms that are independent of any other entities and its business is conducted and regulated independently.   No members of the board are politically appointed or serve the Foundation as Public Servants.

Who finances HELA?

HELA is supported by a Creative Industries Platform grant of the Arts Council Malta. As a non-profit organisation it also tries to raise funds to help it develop and implement its various initiatives. 

Can I join HELA?

Yes you can.  We always need passionate and competent extra hands to help us implement our ambitious projects and look for new opportunities.  Speak to us.

What kind of research does HELA conduct?

The Foundation initiates research projects that allow it to forge informed solutions and strategies for writers, publishers, translators and editors seeking to take their work to wider and new audiences.